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A Step Beyond Traditional


con·​cierge (adjective)

Of, relating to, or being a healthcare practice in which patients pay a membership fee for enhanced access and services

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What does that mean for you?

  • It means that the work we do together is exactly about that: the work and results.

  • It means that you have a therapist who is fully dedicated to your success and growth, and who commits real time to getting you there.

  • It means that you have the power to shape your therapy journey, and services that are tailored to your needs.

What does that not mean for you?

  • It does not mean that you have 24/7 on-call pocket therapist for every thought or crisis (we have crisis numbers for that).

  • It does not mean that you can claim self-growth without showing up and doing the work.

  • It does not mean you can call for restaurant or travel reservations (we are not that kind of concierge support).

Additional Membership Benefits

Coaching Calls

For when we need help between sessions to work through an issue in real time.

Flexible Scheduling

Including same-day appointments and a wider calendar of availability.

Discretion and Privacy

No insurance billing means ultimate privacy for you. Mandated reporting rules still apply

Ready to learn more?

​​Our membership plans include monthly and packaged options.


Not ready for a membership commitment yet? We also offer a fee per session option.

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